District Support Teams

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We need role models, planners, and tea makers

Want to get involved? You do not need to be Bear Grylls, an Astronaut, or a Polar Explorer to be involved. Are you passionate about making a difference in the…

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Thunking Day!

The first Sunday of the month is Thunking Day! You can book a spot to try Tomahawk Throwing, Catapult Launching, and develop your target skills! Thunking Day is available to…

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Neurodiversity Support Team

Ensuring Inclusive Scouting Experiences: A Support Team for Neurodiverse Young People Scouting is an organization that celebrates diversity and welcomes young people from all walks of life. We are committed…

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Hillwalking Team

Step into the Mountains: Join Our Hillwalking Team Embrace the serenity of nature and share the thrill of hillwalking with our dedicated hillwalking team, designed for adults seeking to support…

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Scout Sundays

On the third Sunday of each month you can book a spot to try Archery, Shooting, or something new, and develop your target skills. Scout Sundays​ are available to all…

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Board Games Club

At the district camp site on the first Friday each month we will be learning and playing some of the best board games out there, you can also bring your…

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