Step into the Mountains: Join Our Hillwalking Team

Embrace the serenity of nature and share the thrill of hillwalking with our dedicated hillwalking team, designed for adults seeking to support and empower young people. Whether you’re a seasoned hillwalker or eager to explore the mountains for the first time, our team welcomes individuals with a passion for the outdoors and a commitment to nurturing the next generation of hillwalking enthusiasts.

Explore the Splendor of the Mountains

Hillwalking offers an unparalleled adventure that promotes physical fitness, mental well-being, and a profound connection with nature. As a member of our hillwalking team, you’ll have the opportunity to guide and encourage young people as they embark on their own hillwalking journeys. Witness their eyes widen in awe as they conquer new summits and develop confidence in their abilities.

Nurture Young Minds

Our hillwalking program is designed to foster a lifelong love of hillwalking and the outdoors among young participants. You’ll play a pivotal role in shaping their understanding of the environment, instilling a sense of responsibility for its preservation. Through your guidance and support, you’ll inspire them to become stewards of our planet and passionate advocates for conservation.

Experience the Joy of Discovery

The satisfaction of sharing your passion for hillwalking with young people is truly remarkable. Witness their excitement as they master hillwalking techniques, their camaraderie as they navigate the mountains together, and their heartfelt connection with the natural world. Your presence will create lasting memories and foster a love for hillwalking that will stay with them for years to come.

Join Our Passionate Team

If you’re an experienced hillwalker seeking a rewarding and meaningful way to give back to the community, join our hillwalking team. We encourage individuals with a passion for teaching and a commitment to fostering young talent to join us.

Together, let’s ignite a love for hillwalking and create a generation of passionate hikers who respect our natural heritage.