Recruitment Resources

North Devon Scouts have purchased a selection of recruitment resources that are available for all groups to utilise.
These include:

  • Section Pull Up Banners
  • Outdoor PVC Banners
    • 3m x 1m
    • 2.9m x 1.5m
  • Outdoor Pull Up Banner
  • Feather Flag (3.25m)
  • #GoodForYou Banner

If you wish to borrow any of these, please contact

Scouts have a vast array of adult recruitment tools and resources at your disposal, you can find them here. They include template recruitment plans, which we encourage all groups to consider, either as part of an active search or future pipeline development.
They also hold regular online volunteer recruitment workshops.
If you have specific thoughts or ideas on how the district team can support recruitment efforts for your group, please reach out.